Heating Service In Gardena, CA

Heating Service in Gardena, Los Angeles, Torrance, CA and Surrounding Areas

Telltale Signs You Need Heating Service in Gardena, CA

Most of the time, you don’t think too much about your home’s heating system. When it’s chilly out, you just turn up the thermostat and your home warms to a comfortable temperature. When something goes wrong, it’ll be front and center of your mind. Not all home heater problems are obvious, in fact some are subtle. There are some telltale signs, however, that you’re in need of heating service. In Gardena, CA, you can rely on the experts at Vader Air Conditioning to handle all your home heating needs. Contact Us Today for Heating Service in Gardena, Los Angeles, Torrance, CA and Surrounding Areas.

Heating Service in Gardena, Los Angeles, Torrance, CA and Surrounding Areas

Common Heater Issues

Residential heating systems may seem like they’re tough and simple, they are actually delicate, complex machines. The electrical connections, moving parts, fuel lines, and other components that all have to work together flawlessly. But, that doesn’t always happen. Some of the most common heater issues include:

  • Heater Doesn’t Turn On: This could be a problem with the thermostat, but it may also be caused by a problem inside the heater.
  • Inadequate Heating: The heater is blowing cold air instead of warm air or it keeps some areas warm, but not the entire space.
  • Heater Cycles On and Off: Heaters are designed to cycle on and off regularly, but a heater that cycles very quickly is experiencing difficulties. 
  • Weird Noises: Bangs, pings, squeals, or other strange noises can indicate a mechanical problem inside the heater.
  • Strange Odors: Any weird smell coming from the furnace, especially the smell of burning wires or smoke, signal a heater problem. 
  • Advanced Heater Age: The older your home’s heater is, the more problems it will encounter and the more repairs it will need.
  • High Energy Bills:  An inefficient heater uses excess energy to produce warmth. If your utility bills are very high in the winter, it’s probably due to your heater.

Expert Heating Services in Gardena, CA

When your home’s heater needs servicing, you can count on Vader Air Conditioning to take care of everything. We’re fully licensed and insured to provide HVAC services and all of our technicians have undergone extensive training to hone their skills. No matter what type of heater you have, we can help. Our professional heating services include:

Residential Heater Repairs

Whether your home’s heater has suddenly stopped working or it’s begun to behave strange, we’re here to help. We can repair any make or model of residential heater. Our trucks are fully stocked with parts, tools, and equipment so most repairs can be completed right away.

Residential Heater Maintenance

Prevention is the best medicine and that applies to your home’s heater as well. With our heater maintenance service, which includes bi-annual inspections and tune-ups, you can rest assured your heater is ready when you need it.

Residential Heater Replacement

If your home’s heater is more than 10 years old, or if you’ve recently remodeled, it may be time for a new heater. We’ll help you choose one that suits your space and your budget, we’ll remove the old one, and install your new heater as quickly as possible.

Residential Heating Installation

Building a new home? Let us help you with all of your heating and cooling installation needs. Our experienced staff will guide you through the process of choosing the right heater, and we’ll oversee the process of installing the ductwork and heater safely.

Schedule Home Heating Service Today

If you’re in need of any home heating services in Gardena, CA or the surrounding areas, contact us at Vader Air to schedule an appointment. If you’re experiencing an emergency with your home’s heater and you need immediate help, call us at (866) 374-5099, and we’ll send someone over right away.

Contact Us Today for Heating Service in Gardena, Los Angeles, Torrance, CA and Surrounding Areas