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Maintenance Tips and Air Conditioning Repair Secrets In Los Angeles

Maintenance Tips and Air Conditioning Repair Secrets In Los Angeles

Los Angeles is one of the most crowded cities in the United States, which means it has more than its share of urban sprawl and pollution. This can cause you and your family members various health problems if you do not maintain a healthy environment for yourselves. In residential areas, home air conditioning is essential for maintaining clean air and a healthy balance of humidity inside the house..

In view of this, one of your top priorities at home should be to make sure your air conditioner is in good working order to keep providing you with clean and healthy air. If you find any issues with your unit, you should immediately contact an air conditioning expert to resolve them.

While you can get help from the experts, there are some tips you can follow on your own to maintain the overall health of your air conditioner:

Get a Better Filter

Check the air filter in your air conditioner. If it is an old filter, replace it with a new high-efficiency pleated filter. These come with an electrostatic charge to capture tiny particles including ones that carry bacteria. This way, the air in your home is disinfected and is healthier to breathe.

Replace Filter Regularly

You should always check the filters and make sure to replace them within a 90 day period. Keep a check on them monthly. As soon as you see them clogged and dark, replace them with a better one.

Clean Out Debris

Most homeowners tend to ignore the debris that builds up on air conditioning units and can lead to bigger problems. This debris should be removed from the top and sides of outdoor air conditioning units and heat pumps often. Clean away debris such as pollen, leaves, etc. on a weekly basis.

Inspect the Insulation

Once a month, you can inspect the insulation on refrigerant lines leading into the house. If any of them is missing or damaged, replace them. If you are unable to do so on your own, get in touch with an air conditioning service provider in Los Angeles to do the task for you.

Unit Should be Level

Once a year, inspect the unit to check if the air conditioning units and heat pumps are level and firmly on the ground and not vibrating when functioning. Again, if you see any leakages or additional noise being produced, contact an air conditioning repair expert to get your air conditioner inspected professionally.

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