Food C.

Phillip, the owner of Vader Air, is fantastic. He installed central AC in our house yesterday (we had nothing in the way of heat or air, and needed all new ducts, vents, the whole nine yards). He’s refreshingly professional and friendly, answered our emails in a timely & thorough fashion, always showed up right when he said he would, and was also willing to work with our budget and breakdown our estimate in clear layman’s terms. (A lot of other A/C companies either gave us estimates with very little detail which made us wonder what exactly we were paying for, or gave us estimates with way too much detail in an attempt to warrant their ridiculously inflated price)

Everyone says the most important thing when getting central AC is to get a quality installation, because little errors can really rack up your electricity bills and reduce efficiency. Phillip knows his stuff backwards and forwards, so that sealed the deal for us. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!