Customer Stories

Had a Great Experience With Vader Air

Vader Air Customer Reviews
“Had a great experience with Vader air. The owner was the one who came out, he was such a funny, nice guy, and did a great job in fixing our condo’s air conditioner (which was still cooling but was raining water down from the access hatch when some such or other drainage pipe had slowly developed a clog). Pricing was fair, service was excellent!”

– Laura H. 2/23/2015

Prompt and Reasonably Priced

Vader Air Customer Reviews
“I contacted Vader Air to come out to troubleshoot and repair heating problems I encountered on a couple of residential rentals I own on three different occasions. During each experience I found Philip and his technicians to very professional, decisive and responsive in identifying and fixing the problems. The company is well certified and Phil is extremely knowledgeable about air/heating systems and their operation.
The one thing that really impressed me about Philip was his professional, honest and candid demeanor when clearly explaining the scope of the repair issues and options available me. In each case I found his repair and replacement work to be neat, prompt and reasonably priced. This company is a great value for the expert service you receive.”

– Gary B. 1/22/2015

Truly Wonderful Service

Vader Air Customer Reviews
“Called Vader Air Monday morning at 9 am had a tech at my house before 10am. The technician was fast efficient and friendly. Truly wonderful service.”

– Amrys M. 8/25/2014

The Experience and Service Were Exceptional

Vader Air Customer Reviews
“We purchased a central air conditioner/heater unit from Vader and the experience and service was exceptional. Mr. Walker is knowledgeable, efficient and very professional. My husband and I are very satisfied and would highly recommend Vader Air Conditioning & Heating.
The Shabazz’”

– Erinn E. 7/30/2014

Knowledgeable and Friendly

Vader Air Customer Reviews
“Philip showed up as scheduled, spent a while telling us what we needed and explained (in a Lot of detail) the concept of air conditioning. He was knowledgeable and friendly. He also gave us good advice about how we didn’t really need to do anything besides just a general servicing for our air conditioner.

Would recommend and use again.”

– Meghna P. 5/25/2013

Phillip is Licensed, Certified, Including NEST Installation

Vader Air Customer Reviews
“After years of the South Bay gradually getting hotter during the dry season (thanks global warming), we decided to finally get AC.

We called around a few times, and Phillip from Vader Air had same day availability, so we had him come over for an estimate, and later an installation.  He looked at my system, explained to me all the parts I needed and why, and essentially walked me through each step of the installation (I like to inquire often as to why and how a contractor is doing something).

Overall, he and his team were very knowledgeable, professional, and did not seem to mind answering all of my questions.  Phillip is licensed, certified (including NEST installation, which we have now), and most importantly to me, honest.

I would definitely recommend.”

– Monyrith S. 5/17/2014

Fast and Professional!

Vader Air Customer Reviews
“Fast and professional!
Was able to get an appointment the same day! It was a simple fix… Embarrassing actually. lol
But at least we’re cool in the house again! 🙂
Thanks guys!”

– Traci K. 5/2/2014

Helpful, Professional and Efficient

Vader Air Customer Reviews
“I found Vader after calling a couple other places on Yelp. The first three places could not accommodate my schedule and were very inflexible on the appointment time and window, and didn’t seem to care.

When I called Vader, Phillip was willing to come out in the evening due to my work schedule. He was extremely helpful, professional, efficient, and the pricing was fair. In the future, I will call Vader first.”

– Scott L. 12/11/2014

Easy, Fast and Personable

Vader Air Customer Reviews
“Easy, fast, and personable.

We used Vader to get a 2nd opinion after our heater broke down during the cold spell. The repairman diagnosed and fixed the problem within 10 mins! It was actually a much simpler issue than the first company diagnosed (and they wanted to charge much more $ too).

Also, Vader was able to make a same day call. Much appreciated!”

– Matt E. 12/18/2013

Services Were Quick and Efficient

Vader Air Customer Reviews
“I am very satisfied with their services. They are very professional and informative. I immediately noticed the improvement in my air conditioning unit. Also, the services were quick and efficient.”

– Mireya S. 8/8/2014

Phillip at Vader Air is Awesome

Vader Air Customer Reviews
“Phillip at Vader Air is awesome. He’s extremely professional, honest, reliable and helpful. I was worried that my air conditioning problem was going to be big and expensive but Phillip assured me that it was an easy fix (and it was). I wouldn’t take my business anywhere else.

– Laura W. 7/27/2014

Pleasantly Surprised by How Fast and Affordable Vader Was

Vader Air Customer Reviews
It’s always hard to tell from reviews on these kind of service based businesses what you will get but we were so pleasantly surprised by how fast and affordable Vader was. Thank you Yelp Familia for the help!

Right in the middle of the holidays we were in a pinch to get some work done on our AC units. After a quick call to Phillip, he gave a great quote and said he could be out to our house ASAP. We called around some other places but he easily beat out the rest of the bids so we scheduled him. He came over, did the job in a jiff and explained it all along the way so we knew what to watch out for in case of any problems in the future.

Hopefully we won’t need to call him out again but if we do I’d be happy to give my business to him :).”

– Anita W. 1/2/2014

Would Definitely Call Vader Again…and Again.

Vader Air Customer Reviews
“Bottom Line: exceptionally professional service and value! Would definitely call them again…and again.

My wife and I have started doing landscaping in our backyard and decided to relocate the AC unit (condenser or compressor?) in order to make more space in our small yard. I estimated that it would be an easy job and that the unit only needed to be moved about 8 feet over. This involves physically moving it, extending the electrical line, and extending/braising 2 high pressure copper pipes.

Over the phone, Phillip gave me an estimate for $475 and this was the best price in town so we made an appointment for the next day. When he arrived he explained that it actually needed to be relocated 12 feet. I agreed based on logistics, regulations, etc. I was initially afraid that the cost would go up considerably. However, being the nice guy, Phillip agreed to hold to the original price even though he had to drive back to his work in order to get longer piping.

During the whole process, Phillip was very nice and accommodating. He knew that I was interested in learning about AC units and did not mind that I was “bird dogging” him the whole time. And he was kind of enough to explain every step of the process. At the end of the job, he asked me if I was satisfied and explained to me what I should be looking for to make sure that the job was done correctly.

He is extremely technical and knowledgeable. He takes great pride in his work and is not in a rush to get out of there. I would trust him to work on my house anytime. Their work also includes a 6 month warranty but I dont think I will need it.

Funny thing, his phone kept ringing and his ring tone is one of the Star Wars songs…then I finally realized why its called “Vader” AC & Heating. Haha…”

– Dave L. 12/19/2013

Knowledgable Certified Technicians

Vader Air Customer Reviews
When Mr. Brown’s furnace system failed, he called the company that installed it. They couldn’t fix the furnace, and recommended replacing it for an additional one thousand dollars. Mr. Brown contacted Vader Air, who fixed the problem. “Vader Air has certified technicians, [and] fixed the problem. I use them exclusively, and tell my friends about them.”

– Mr. Brown

Concern to Satisfy Her Needs

Vader Air Customer Reviews
“I was looking to install air conditioning in my home. I interviewed four companies, Vader Air was very professional, the individual who came to my home asked me what I wanted for my home and showed me options to address my needs; I was very impressed with his knowledge.”

– Mrs. Stone

Arriving in Professional Attire and Leaving a Clean Workspace Behind

Vader Air Customer Reviews
Ms. Marx called a company to evaluate her furnace. When they arrived, “the technician entered my home with dirt falling off his shoes which left a mess that I had to clean up after he finished evaluating my furnace system. Then he was not sure of the failure.” Mrs. Marx called Vader Air, and the technician arrived “in a very sharp uniform and shined shoes and had an accurate diagnosis of the problem with my furnace. I was very satisfied with Vader Air.”

– Ms. Marx